Goals-Baby Steps

Goals. Hmm. That is an intimidating word. Daunting at best. If I set a goal and don't reach it, then I have failed...unless I learn something along the way..ah ha the glass is half full! Or is this thinking setting me up for failure as I am saying it is ok to not achieve the goal if there is a lesson learned....will this make me a educated failure? Am I planning to fail? I dislike setting goals. I have the best of intentions. I start something, but then get distracted and start something else before I have completed what I started..which is likely why I am always late, unorganized and flying by the seat of my pants. Goals necessitate a plan and I am not a good planner. Alas, I suppose the time has come to make a plan and be accountable to that plan (or attempt to be...I am an novice at this planning, organizing, completing a task thing). 

Baby steps. Goals for January. I can commit to that and you, my dear reader, may hold me accountable, in the event that I am distracted, which is entirely likely).  A whole year of goals is much to daunting...so January it is..for now.


  • Lose 7-8 pounds. I am in desperate need of losing 45 pounds. The "baby weight" is now 10 yrs old. Losing 45 pounds seems impossible. I know it isn't, but it seems that way. Rumour has it, if I start with smaller weight loss goals, it will be easier. Lets see.
  • Exercise. At least 3 times a week. Apparently walking up my stairs or walking to the car doesn't count as cardio. Nor does carrying my purse, diaper bag, or 2 yr old count as weight lifting....who knew.
  • Organize my business. I have a home business. My filing is nothing short of chaos. My guests should sign a waiver before entering my home, they may trip. I really need to take care of this.
  • Make health a priority. I am not the picture of health. I blame my parents' genes. They should have had more children to spread the crappy genes..but no, I got them all. Another bonus of being an only child. Kidding. I need to make my health a priority.

These are my goals. Breaking a sweat just thinking about it. I have 36 hours until January. 
Ready, set, and here I go.
Happy 2011.